Rhodes Wrestling Academy Curriculum
● Physical
○ Fundamentals ​ : Technical wrestling skills built from the ground up. Remember, fundamentals are the building blocks of fun and you have to walk before you run. You will first have to get comfortable with the idea of throwing your body around. Fear not, the skills and movements you learn will soon become second nature, like riding a bike, and you will move on to more nuanced activities. Learn the ropes, literally. They’re your new best friends!
○ Classics ​ : Tried and tested movements and maneuvers used by the legends for decades. Learn what works, what doesn’t, and the “why” behind that. In your own physical growth, begin to understand what makes signature moves and finishers unique to each athlete.
○ The Good Stuff ​ : Honing in on your personal style in the ring, think of this level of physical training as your specified electives after gen ed in college.
● Basics
○ In-ring Character Development ​ : Story is everything and it has to be compelling both in the ring and out of it. Learn how to translate the character you have created into your physicality during a match. Everything from facial expressions and body language to the way you build off of each other’s characters while you work – it all plays a part in telling a great story.
○ In-ring Psychology ​ : Mind games, right? We’ve heard that before. That may not be your character’s “thing” but make no mistake, psychology is just as important a part of storytelling as your character. Reading the room, reading your opponent, all on the fly. Learn from one of the all time wrestling psychology greats.
● Promo
○ On-camera Character Development ​ : Just like in the ring, developing your character is what will lead you to being able to produce jaw-dropping promos. The ones that make people shut up and listen. It’s all about grabbing people’s very short attention spans and making it memorable. You’ll learn to become so comfortable with your character that you won’t even have to think about what they would say. It will get to be an intrinsically motivated feeling. You ARE your character. Embody that.
○ Camera Skills ​ : Getting used to a camera in your face can be daunting but you will learn to look at that lens as another tool in your growing arsenal. You can cut a great promo in private but then get in front of a camera or a crowd and flounder. This will help hone your talents at making the camera a part of your promo. Don’t worry kids, the red light can’t hurt you. Make it yours.
○ Do’s & Don’ts of Cutting Promos ​ : There are things that work and then there are some things that just don’t. Some of these things are such small tweaks that they would be imperceptible to the viewer but can make all the difference in the world. Engaging with people, even when you’re looking into a camera, is paramount. Learn all the tricks of the trade at cutting not just a promo, but a promo that is a cut above the rest.
● Financial
○ Money Matters ​ : It’s the thing no one ever thinks of when they want to get into this industry, yet it’s also the one thing that can absolutely make or break you depending on how you manage it. Learn all you need to know about how you’ll be doing your taxes in this business, as well as how to properly manage your money on the road and at home to propel you towards constantly greater successes.
● Contract
○ The Godfather Rule ​ : Not all contracts are made equal. There are offers you CAN and SHOULD refuse. Never make the mistake of thinking you cannot negotiate. It’s YOUR business and YOUR worth that you are debating so stand behind it. There are a variety of fun exercises you’ll engage in to help you spot a bad contract from a mile away – as well as an amazing one. Learning confidence in negotiations is invaluable and will also give you skills you can apply to other contracts you may come across in life.



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